The aao recommends that children have their first orthodontic visit by age 7

Pediatric Dentists Recommend Two Cleanings/Exams A Year

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Orthodontic Evaluations


Our orthodontist may recommend palatal expanders to help ensure that your child’s teeth have enough space to erupt properly. This oral appliance helps to widen narrow dental arches and ensure that your child’s teeth can come in correctly as well as aligning more easily. To schedule an appointment and learn more about palatal expanders, call Pediatric Dentistry and Braces today.

Questions & Answers

Palatal Expanders

What is a palatal expander?

A palatal expander is a small orthodontic appliance used to widen the upper jaw. It is designed to help the upper and lower teeth fit together so that you can enjoy proper tooth alignment and a correct bite.

How does a palatal expander work?

Palatal expanders work by gradually stretching the soft cartilage of the palate to make room for the permanent teeth without the need for tooth extractions. Expanders are placed in your mouth and are adjusted through the use of a special key. Depending on your needs, your expander may be a fixed or removable appliance.

Will I need a palatal expander?

Expanders are usually recommended when the upper jaw is too narrow to properly accommodate all the teeth. Our orthodontist will evaluate your teeth and mouth to determine if a palatal expander is right for your needs.