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A faster, home-based orthodontic treatment to improve your smile.

Questions & Answers

Smile Express®

What is Smile Express®?

Smile Express is an at-home Invisalign® treatment. It is designed for adults who want to quickly touch up their smile, and it combines the reliability and comfort of Invisalign treatment with the experience of our orthodontist and the convenience of remote care to help you achieve a beautiful, confident smile.

How quickly does Smile Express work?

Smile Express is designed to work quickly, achieving your desired results in six months or less. It is typically used to make small changes to the alignment of your teeth, “touching up” your smile quickly and comfortably at home.

Why choose Smile Express?

Smile Express offers many benefits, including:

  • Quality care — Invisalign aligners are used for all smile transformations, giving you the unmatched technology and benefits of the top clear aligner treatment in the market.
  • Convenient — Your custom treatment kit is shipped directly to you, minimizing your need to visit our orthodontist and helping you improve your smile without disrupting your lifestyle.
  • Safety — You will receive diagnostic records and scans prior to your treatment to ensure your gums and teeth are healthy.
  • Highly qualified doctors — While Smile Express is an at-home treatment, our orthodontist and team are still involved in your care to ensure that you receive the knowledge and expertise of a skilled provider throughout your treatment plan.

Smile Express®


We are proud to provide Smile Express to align your teeth and improve your smile. This at-home Invisalign treatment is designed to help you touch up your smile in six months or less so that you can enjoy total confidence when sharing your smile with others. Smile Express combines the convenience of remote care with the skill and experience of our orthodontist to guide the progress of your smile and help you achieve the results you desire.

There are four simple steps in your Smile Express treatment:

  1. Your initial exam. Our orthodontist will meet with you to determine if you are a good candidate for Smile Express. During this appointment, we will discuss the details of your treatment and the best ways to use at-home aligners.
  2. Digital scans. Our state-of-the-art iTero® digital scanner will capture images of your teeth and mouth to ensure that your aligners will fit perfectly. We will also use this technology to simulate your final result following treatment.
  3. The arrival of your custom treatment kit. Your Invisalign® clear aligners will be shipped directly to you, along with a treatment kit, and includes everything you will need to align your smile.
  4. Achieving your new smile. As you wear your aligners and follow the feedback of our orthodontist, your smile can transform before your eyes to achieve the results you desire.

We invite you to contact us today to find out more about Smile Express and schedule your consultation!