The aao recommends that children have their first orthodontic visit by age 7

Pediatric Dentists Recommend Two Cleanings/Exams A Year

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Questions & Answers

Orthodontic Evaluations

When should my child have an orthodontic evaluation?

Children should receive an initial orthodontic exam no later than age 7, as recommended by the American Association of Orthodontists®. A screening at this age helps determine if your child needs early treatment as well as what age any other orthodontic treatments should begin.

What does an orthodontic evaluation include?

Orthodontic evaluations include an oral exam; an analysis of the bite, oral musculature and any skeletal deformities; dental X-rays; and a discussion of any poor oral habits your child may have. Our orthodontist will then be able to identify and diagnose any developing issues or problems that require early treatment. We will also be able to monitor your child’s growth and development to determine when treatment should begin.

When does treatment begin after an orthodontic evaluation?

The majority of children will receive orthodontic treatment during their teen years. If your child is developing more severe problems as they grow, early treatment will be recommended. Our orthodontist will discuss your child’s treatment timeline and oral health needs with you to create a treatment plan and determine when the best time for treatment to begin is.

Your child’s first orthodontic evaluation helps our orthodontist determine if orthodontic treatment is needed and when it should begin. We are committed to providing your child with comfortable, comprehensive and high-quality care, and we will work with you and your child to create their treatment plans and help them achieve a healthier and more beautiful smile. Call Pediatric Dentistry and Braces to learn more about orthodontic evaluations and make your child’s appointment!